At SBC we encourage believers to serve using their unique gifts and abilities given by God, so that the body of Christ may be built up, for His glory (Ephesians 4:11-12).


At SBC, we are committed to equipping each generation to think and act biblically. Therefore, having biblically sound Teachers is essential to who we are. We take the time and great care to ensure that all of our teachers are biblically sound and equipped for teaching.

Sunday School

If you're interested in teaching Sunday school, talk to Pastor Fred. These positions do not change often. But until then, you could volunteer as a substitute! Teachers need breaks and have plans and unexpected events pop-up in their lives too. It's nice for them to know that there's another teacher, who's ready to fill-in as needed.


Once a year, when we're preparing for Awana to begin in September, we choose eight to ten leaders for Sparks and TNT kids. Awana leaders are responsible for around five children at their own table. You get to help them memorize God's Word. You get to love them. You can explain God's Word to them. This is a great opportunity for teaching God's children!

Another opportunity is to serve as a listener. The primary role of a listener is to listen to kids recite their verses from memory. But, you'll also have opportunities to share the gospel with them and teach them the meaning of God's Word. Most of your time will be spent one-on-one with kids, so it's a great opportunity to teach!


We have a team of nursery workers at SBC who love what they do. They get to love the children and teach them too. We are in need of nursery help during two different times - every Sunday morning during our Worship service and during Sunday School. In order to work in the nursery, you must meet specific qualifications and sign a pledge. If you have a heart for young children and the desire to serve God, this is a great place to volunteer!

Special Events

Often times we'll have special events or studies during the week where child care is needed.

If interested in serving in this area, contact Pastor Fred.

Cleaning Ministry

Having a clean, well-kept place for worship is very important to us. We maximize the use if our entire building. Most days we have activities going on at the church, beyond Sunday mornings, including Preschool, Awana, recitals, meetings, bible studies, special events and so on. With all of those people coming and going, we need volunteers to keep it clean!

The church is cleaned by two people or families per week. When you sign up, you'll choose between the basement and the upstairs, and you'll pick a month. You're responsible for making sure the church is clean for all Sunday's your selected month.

Some people choose to clean Friday night, some on Saturday and others early Sunday morning. The day you choose is up to you, as long as it's in tip-top shape for Sunday morning Worship.

Lawn Care

Keeping the outside looking great is important to us, and a big part of that is caring for the lawn.
We have a weekly sign-up sheet on the bulletin board, where you can sign up at any time.

You're responsible for making sure the lawn is mowed and trimmed prior to Sunday morning worship.

We provide a self-propelled push mower, electric hedger/trimmer, and fuel in our storage shed.

Snow Removal

Let's face it. Getting up early in the morning in the blistering cold to go work outside isn't everyone's cup of tea. But, if it's yours we would love to have you serve! We have a monthly sign-up sheet on the bulletin board, where you can sign up at any time.

You're responsible for making sure the sidewalk and stairs are ice-free and snow-free prior to Sunday morning worship. We provide several snow shovels, a snow blower, and Ice Melt.